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County Departments

The following list contains links to county departments along with their contact information. A list of boards & commissions is also available. Visit our careers page.

Elected Officials

Auditor's Office(812) 435-5369

County Comptroller: Auditor is the principal financial officer in County Government and fiscal officer of the county. Keeps ledgers and records affecting County funds; receiving and disbursing. Serves as secretary to the Board of Commissioners and the County Council. As part of the tax function, maintain plats showing ownership and assessed valuation of each parcel in the county and is responsible for accepting and applying deductions on properties and preparing tax duplicates that show the value of property and taxes assessed against each taxpayer.

Circuit Court(812) 435-5192

Vanderburgh County Court System

Clerk of the Courts(812) 435-5160

Administrative services of the County Court and County government; as well as, running and certification of elections.

County Assessor(812) 435-5267

The Office of the Vanderburgh County Assessor is responsible for providing uniform and accurate assessments for all taxable property within the county in accordance with Indiana law. We pledge to serve the taxpayers of Vanderburgh County in a professional, courteous and helpful manner and serve as an informational resource for the community. Please visit the County Assessor’s website to perform a property search, utilize GIS mapping or access information and forms regarding appeals, exempt property and business personal property. Website:

County Commissioners(812) 435-5241

Executive leaders of county government

County Coroner(812) 435-5730

The Vanderburgh County Coroner's main duty is to investigate deaths.

County Council(812) 435-5791

The fiscal body of County government charged with funding the financial operations for the County offices and departments.

Election Office(812) 435-5122

County Election Board which is responsible for conducting all elections in the county including the certification of results

Prosecutor's Office(812) 435-5150

Investigation and County prosecution of violations of State criminal laws, child support orders, and establish paternity.

Recorder's Office(812) 435-5215

Preserves public records.

Sheriff's Office(812) 421-6200

Provide emergency service, personal and property protection to residents of Vanderburgh County, and manage the county correctional facilities.

Superior Court(812) 435-5000

The Superior Court of Vanderburgh County hears a variety of cases, including: Traffic, Misdemeanor, Felony, Domestic Relations, Juvenile Paternity, Civil, Small Claims, Protective Orders, Probate, Adoptions, Juvenile Delinquencies, etc. The Superior Court also has several specialty Courts, including the Vanderburgh County Treatment Court, Mental Health Court, and Juvenile CHINS Drug Court.

Surveyor's Office(812) 435-5210

The Vanderburgh County Surveyor's Office maintains the public land survey system and all legal drains within the county. The County Surveyor also reviews and recommends approval of drainage plans for the Vanderburgh County Drainage Board.

Treasurer's Office(812) 435-5248

Collection and administration of money due the County.


Area Plan Commission(812) 435-5226

Planning to ensure efficient and effective growth and development for Evansville and Vanderburgh County by means of zoning permits.

Burdette Park(812) 435-5602

Provides recreational opportunities to City and County residents.

Cooperative Extension(812) 435-5287

Services offered: 4-H, Horticulture, Youth Development, Health, Foods & Nutrition, Human Development, Reource Management

County Engineer(812) 435-5773

Designs and/or oversees road projects under the jurisdiction of the Board of Commissioners; as well as, maintenance of all bridges in Vanderburgh County (including the city limits of Evansville) except those on state roads.

Drug & Alcohol Deferral Services(812) 435-5775

The Drug and Alcohol Deferral Service (D.A.D.S.) is a Court Program under the Vanderburgh County Superior Court, and is a County Department.

Health Department(812) 435-2400

The Health Department works with community partners to develop and provide quality health care services; promote healthy lifestyles; protect against and prevent the spread of disease; and assure preparedness to achieve and maintain the best public health for our community.

Highway Department(812) 435-5777

Maintenance and paving of roads and streets under the jurisdiction of the Board of Commissioners ensuring that roads are passable during inclement weather by clearing them of snow and ice, felled trees, and clean out ditches to ensure that runoff water flows smoothly. For City Weeds call 812-436-7885, For County Weeds call 812-435-5777

Legal Aid Society(812) 435-5173

Provides legal assistance to low income families in family and civil matters.

Old National Events Plaza  

County Auditorium and Convention Center.

Public Defender's Agency(812) 435-5900

Responsible for the representation of indigent clients in all areas of Vanderburgh County Courts, where a person is entitled to an attorney as a matter of law.

Soil & Water Conservation District(812) 423-4426 x 3

We serve current and future citizens of Vanderburgh County emphasizing agricultural, urban and suburban communities.

Veterans Services(812) 435-5239

Assists veterans, spouses, and dependants with questions about benefits.

Voters Registration  

Registers voters in Vanderburgh County and supplies registration records to the political parties, election office, and the public.

Weights & Measurements(812) 435-5745

Enforces laws pertaining to weights and measures and supervision of weighing and measuring devices and commodities.