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Summary of METS Bus Route Realignments
Posted Date: 7/20/2017


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No - On Call -- 6:45am and 3:15pm trips to ARC Industries remain part of the route.

Outbound to Eastland Mall - from Green River Rd at Theater Dr. right onto Green River Rd., left onto Constellation Dr., left to Menards Dr., left to Smyth Dr. resuming route at Green River Rd.

Add service area outbound - on Menards drive for the Timbers Menards, Meijer, Social Security Office, and areas nearby, resuming route at Smyth at Green River Rd. to Eastland Mall.

Inbound to Lawndale – left on Newburgh Rd. right on Washington Ave to Lawndale.

Add service area inbound Newburgh Rd at Washington Ave., and areas nearby inbound to Lawndale along Washington Ave.

The East Connection will provide service to the area at Cross Lake - South of the Lloyd Expwy. inbound to Lawndale – The Cross Point area - North of Lloyd Expwy. the Shuttle will provide service. – no on call.


Shuttle provides service to the are Cross Point area North of the Lloyd Expwy. inbound to Lawndale. Area South of Lloyd Expwy. Will be service by the East Connection inbound to Lawndale. In evening service passengers will utilize Cross Point Blvd East Connection bus stops. Shuttle will provide service in the Cross Point area North of the Lloyd Expwy. – no on call.

Inbound from Eastland Mall cross the Llody Expwy. travel through Stepping Stone. Left turn from Stepping Stone retuning to Lloyd Expwy., left noto Vann Ave., right on Walnut St., right on Weinbach Ave., left on Illinois St., right on Rotherwood Ave., right on Michigan St., left on Franklin St., left on Weinbach Ave., right on Walnut St. resuming route.

Adding half hour service – Outbound and Inbound in the N. Weinbach and Bradford Point areas.
Providing relief for the Lincoln route during the day. Lincoln will need to go Stepping Stone, as it does now in the evenings till 9pm M-F.

Please see the back side for information on Stringtown, Fulton, & Trolley

Stringtown -

Stringtown on the Inbound trip from the North Park Terminal go to IVYTech First Ave., left on Colonial Ave., left on Tremont Ave., right on Buena Vista Rd. resuming route. – Increased presents at IVYTech and areas nearby.
Stringtown route will no longer travel on Richardt Ave. – assigned to the TROLLEY

Fulton –

Realign route from Grandview Tower on Third Ave. right on Allens Ln., left on First Ave., left on Mill Rd., left into North Park resuming route. From the North Park terminal left on Buena Vista Rd., right on First Ave., right on Allens Ln., left on Kratzville Rd., resuming route.

Trolley –

Make the Trolley a half hour bus to the Downtown Terminal departing xx:15 and xx:45 between the hours of 6:15am to 6:15pm.

From Garvin Park at Maxwell Ave - left on Heidelbach Ave., right on Richardt Ave., left on Stringtown Rd. left on Diamond Ave., right on Sherman St. left into and through Town Center Mall parking lot, exit the parking lot left on Neagly Ave., left on Heidelbach Ave., resuming route.

Adding service area for Jacobsville to Town Center Mall throughout and areas nearby.

From John St., and Governor St. continue on John St. right on Denby St., right on Sycamore St. left on Governor St. resuming route.

Adding service area to METS admin and DFC/FSSA at 711 John St and areas nearby.

Sunday Service


Change First Ave., to the STRINGTOWN/FIRST to include Jacobsville neighborhoods along Gravin St. and Stringtown Rd. area including the Jail.

Stringtown route outbound – First Ave route inbound


Change Covert Ave on Sundays to a combination route to include neighborhoods along and near Riverside Dr.
Covert Ave outbound -- Riverside Dr. inbound

To submit comments, please visit the METS webpage - Routes and Maps  
or by calling 812-435-6191