UNDER $300 Local Policy
No price checks or competitive bidding required

LESS THAN $50,000 IC 5-22-8
• If $1,000 or more, refer to Indiana State Quantity Price Agreements (QPA) bid list
• Three (3) informal verbal or written quotes required
• Record the item quoted, date, price and person giving the quote and submit with requisition for purchase order (faxed or e-mailed quotes are acceptable here)

$50,000 TO $150,000 IC 5-22-8
• Refer to State bid list (QPA)
• Make request to seek quotes to appropriate Board
• Make request for quotes to three (3) persons that deal in the product / service desired
• Quotes are opened in a public Board meeting
• Awards are made by the Board
• If no quotes are received, you may purchase on the open market following Board approval

$150,001 OR MORE IC 5-22-7
• Refer to State bid list (QPA)
• Formal advertised bid is required
• Make request to advertise for bids to appropriate Board
• Notice is published two (2) times, at least a week apart, with the second notice published at least seven (7) days before the bid opening
• Bids are opened in a public Board meeting
• Awards are made by the Board, not the department

PUBLIC WORKS PROJECTS – The thresholds provided may not be applicable for certain public works projects. Please see Indiana Code 36-1-12 for additional or different requirements.
All Resulting contracts shall be submitted to City (Board) attorney prior to presentation to a Board for approval.


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