Pigeon Creek Greenway Passage

The Pigeon Creek Greenway Passage
is a planned walking/jogging/biking trail along the Pigeon Creek and the Ohio Riverfront.  In addition, future plans are to combine trails with new bike lanes to create a loop back to the Heidelbach Canoe Launch.  Click on this link for a copy of our brochure.  

Industrial Corridor Open!!

The Industrial Corridor has been completed and links the Riverfront and Mid Levee Corridors for 6.75 miles of trail from Sunrise Park to the Heidelbach Canoe Launch. For an updated map, click on this link.  A ribbon cutting ceremony was held in December 2012 to announce the opening.

 Ribbon Cutting 001

 Phase 4 006


Phase 4 004


Beautiful Sunsets

SJ Sunset 02





Industrial Corridor
over the bridge

Riverfront Corridor
Riverfront pic 2009

Riverfont pic 2

Pics Riverfront 4

Middle Levee Corridor

Garvin Trail Head

Greenway Diamon Repairs

Shirley James Gateway Plaza

The Shirley James Gateway Plaza is a tribute to Mrs Shirley James for her dedication and service for the Pigeon Creek Greenway Passage.   Designed by VPS Architects and RhodesWork, Ltd. the Plaza shows the different impacts transportation has made on Evansville's  progress.  Below are a few photos of the of the structures; if you would like to see more, click on this link.    The Gateway Plaza is located along the Pigeon Creek Greenway Passage south of the Lloyd Expressway at the Mead Johnson Trailhead,; 1501 W. John Street. The sturctures depict six different forms of transportation. The Greenway Historic Committee researched and wrote the text for the history panels telling how transportation  made Evansville into a commercial center.

SJ 2010 1

SJ 2010 4

SH 2010 2

SJ 2010 3

SJ 40

SJ 32

On June 5, 2004, the Pigeon Creek Greenway Passage was designated a National Recreation Trail by the National Parks Service.  This prestigous award designate the Greenway as a component of the a larger national trail system that stretches across the United States. 



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Executive Director of Parks & Recreation

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