To assist residents will extra yard waste generated while cleaning up their yards in the spring, the current City’s Automated Trash Program provides an annual service for unlimited yard waste to be picked up during the first four (4) weeks of April. The yard waste needs to be properly contained in plastic bags, in tied bundles or loose in containers. No special bags are required in that this waste will be going to the landfill with your regular trash.

The current Trash & Recycling Program only allows for the emptying of one (1) trash and one (1) recycling cart which are supplied by the City. Extra materials outside the carts will not be picked up except during the “Annual Spring Yard Waste” four (4) week period and the “Fall Leaf” eight (8) week period.

We encourage residents to recycle as much as possible to make room for additional volume in their trash and yard waste cart.

For the first two years of the current program additional waste was picked up giving the citizens time to manage their waste stream and determine if one set of carts was enough capacity for their waste volume. The program provides for a resident to have additional service by paying a service fee of $100. This service fee includes the supply of an additional cart and there is no additional monthly charge to empty the extra cart.

Please contact Republic Services at (812) 424-3345 if you need additional Service.

Last updated: 5/17/2016 9:23:10 AM