Who should I contact when I have specific questions about my cart?

Contact Republic Services if you have specific questions about your new cart: (812) 424-3345.

What is considered recyclable?

Plastic; aluminum and steel cans, lids and caps; glass; cardboard; and paper products may be placed in your green-lid container cart. Use Republic Services’ guide on single-stream recycling to know which items to recycle.

Do I need to separate my recyclables?

No. You may co-mingle your recyclables in the 96-gallon green-lidded cart.

Is recycling pick-up still every other week?

Yes. You will be informed of your every other week schedule.

What if I don’t want to recycle?

Recycling is not mandatory, but it is highly encouraged. It not only cuts down on the amount of trash you produce, but it is also better for the environment. You also free up additional space in your trash cart for yard waste and other material. If you don’t want the recycling cart, contact Republic Services at (812) 424-3345 to have it picked up.

Last updated: 5/17/2016 9:23:11 AM