48 Gallon CartEvansville uses 96-gallon (or optional 48-gallon) carts for automated curbside and alley pick-up. Customers should use one cart for trash and yard waste and one cart (with green lid) for recycling. If you want an additional cart for trash or recycling, you can order it through Republic Services of Evansville by calling (812) 424-3345. A one-time service fee of $100 will be charged for each additional cart. There is no extra charge for emptying additional carts.

Customers will find many benefits using roll-out carts. By design, the container and lid minimize odors and are leak proof. Their uniform style tidies our neighborhoods and keeps trash and covers in place. Plus, the plastic cart is easy to handle and fits through most doors and gates. There is no lifting; just tilt and roll.

Also, recycling is made easy with Republic’s single-stream system. Plastic, metal, glass, aluminum, cardboard and paper products can be conveniently placed in one cart. Many residents will find that this convenient recycling reduces their amount of trash. By recycling, you’re allowing more room in your trash cart for yard waste and other materials.

Contact Republic Services if you have questions about your pick-up location: (812) 424-3345. Or, view our commonly asked questions.

Last updated: 5/17/2016 9:23:13 AM