BudgetingDepartmental technology budgets should be developed with the assistance from the Computer Services group and the CIO.

Hardware, software, implementation, maintenance and capital costs comprise the bulk of departmental budgeting needs.

Departmental technology budgets should be submitted to the CIO prior to proposing to the Enterprise funding bodies. This process allows the Executives to know the proposed technology budgets have been reviewed by the CIO in order to reduce the opportunity for unnecessary expenditures.

These needs can comprise various aspects of technology implementation throughout the Enterprise, be specific to a Department, and/or specific to a particular site location. Budget development would cover all necessary hardware, software, implementation and support and capital costs (third party vendor costs, connectivity costs, etc.). 

Computer Services will provide assistance in determining bills of material, scopes of work, budget impact analysis including Total Cost of Ownership and Return on Investment information.

When a new software application or system needs to be put in place, Computer Services will assist Departments in the review and development of budgeting information for these purchases. The funding for these applications, associated implementation costs and first year maintenance/support costs will be the responsibility of the department. Any ongoing maintenance and/or support costs after year one may be provided to the CIO for inclusion in the following year’s budget. In some instances, It may be necessary to fund more than one year of maintenance during the initial purchase process depending on the budget cycle. Computer Services will advise when these situations occur.

Last updated: 9/4/2012 10:58:52 AM