CIO Information


Computer Service strives to be a partner with its customers by having a deep understanding of their business and providing enterprise-minded technology leadership that results in innovative solutions using experienced resources to get the job done.  


Provide leadership in the selection, development and deployment of information technology (IT) resources throughout the city of Evansville and Vanderburgh county that meet the IT needs of the City and County.

Key Objectives...

To continuously improve the delivery of technology services to customers, ensuring availability and reliability by:
  • Working with the elected officials, City-County department heads and customers to identify technology projects, and provide support and input for the successful development and deployment of strategic IT projects.
  • Promoting the sharing of technology resources and practices within government offices to maximize collaboration and minimize the duplication of costs and efforts.
  • Facilitating a commitment to the physical and cyber security of people, facilities and information as it relates to technology.
  • Working with all levels of City-County government to improve the level of IT services.
  • Ensuring the availability and reliability of technology services for City-County government.
  • Developing and managing a joint IT budget and submit funding recommendations to the City-County fiscal bodies.
  • Managing day to day operations regarding IT for the Computer Services department and its managed core infrastructure and services
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